When converting Mini-Procare from version 9 to v10 it is extremely important to remove old families from version 9 BEFORE you convert. If not you may end up with too many accounts in v10 which prevents you from adding any new family accounts.

The Mini-Procare Limit

With a mini edition of Procare there is a limit of 60 families at a time. This includes all families in your database even if the children no longer attend your center and the family has not been with you for some time.

Note: Beginning with version 10.2.4295 more flexibility was added to the way in which the limit is determined. See: How 60 Family Limit is Determined

Families Counted Differently in v10

In version 9 a family could have two people paying on the account, for example if the parents were divorced, with one as the “Sponsor” and another listed as the “Co-Sponsor”. This counted as 1 family toward the limit of 60.

In v10 each person who pays for the children has their own separate account. So a family with divorced parents would have two accounts, one for mom and another for dad. This counts as 2 accounts toward the limit of 60.

Every family in version 9 that has both a “Sponsor” and “Co-Sponsor” paying fees (indicated by transactions on the Co-Sponsor Ledger Card) will convert as two accounts in v10. This means you could quickly reach, or even exceed the limit of 60.

Example 1:

In version 9 you have 50 total families, 8 of which have “Co-Sponsors”. After conversion you’ll have 58 accounts. That means you could add just 2 new accounts before reaching the limit of 60.

Example 2:

In version 9 you have 55 total families, but 10 have “Co-Sponsors”. After conversion you’ll be over the limit with 65  accounts and will NOT be able to add any new family accounts.

Solution: Delete Old Families in Version 9

To avoid the issue of too many accounts in v10 you MUST REMOVE OLD FAMILIES in Version 9 BEFORE YOU CONVERT.  Once they are in v10 you cannot delete them if they have any entries on their Ledger Card, Time Card, etc.

    1. Before deleting anyone backup your data and print any reports for the old families you want to have on file (or export them as a PDF) such as Customer Statements, Time Cards, etc.
    2. Use the Delete button to remove any old families that have not attended (or made payments, etc.) during the current year (or your fiscal year, if different).
    3. To see how many families accounts you can expect to end up after the conversion run the following report in version 9. Go to General Reports > Accounting > Letter B – Account Activity. From the drop down list choose the report simply called “Account Activity”. Enter any Report Date Range, like this This Year (the dates don’t matter as this report includes everyone). The report lists both sponsors and co-sponsor so just add up all the people listed. This is the number of accounts you’ll end up with after converting.
      Note: Don’t include any agencies listed on the report. Agencies do not count toward the limit of 60.
    4. If you still have 60 or more (or are very close to it) you’ll need to upgrade to a full version of Procare.