This article explains how families with more than four children are converted from Procare version 9.1 to Procare v10.

More than 4 Children

If you had families in Procare version 9.1 with more than four children they would have been entered as two separate families. For our example we’ll assume the family was set up as follows:

First Family
Account Key: Smith1
Sponsors (parents): Tim & Rita Smith
Children 1-4: Amy, Brenda, Charlie, David

Second Family
Account Key: Smith2
Sponsors (parents): Tim & Rita Smith
Children 5-6: Elizabeth, Frederick

Conversion to Procare v10

Following the above example – Since they were entered as two separate families in 9.1 the conversion process creates two separate accounts in v10. Each parent is treated as though they were two different people who happen to have the same name – so you’d have two Tim Smiths and two Rita Smiths. The children are converted once each (no duplicates) with children 5 and 6 on the second account.

Data Clean Up

In v10 you’ll want this to end up as a single account with six children and just one set of parents.

  1. As a precaution start by making a Backup.
  2. Add children 5 and 6 to the main Smith1 account using the option to “Add Existing Child”.
  3. Remove Children 5 and 6 from the secondary Smith2 account. Since the children have already been added to the other account you won’t lose any child related information.
  4.  Does Smith2 have any accounting history?
    1. If there are no Ledger Card entries on Smith2 then Remove the Account completely (see note). Everyone in the family is now part of Smith1.
      Note: If Smith2 has Log Notes or Tuition Express information you’d need to delete that information before you can remove the account.
    2. If there is Ledger Activity then you’ll need to keep this account for a while, but may wish to mark Smith2 as a Hidden Account (on the Account Information screen) and/or create an Account Tracking category called something like “Not Used – Extra Account”.
      Note: If account Smith2 has a balance owing post a misc. credit with a comment of “transfered to other account” to bring the balance to zero.¬† Mark account Smith2 as “hidden”. On account #1’s ledger post a misc. charge to transfer any amount owed over from account Smith2’s ledger. From this point forward account Smith1 is the true account and account Smith2 is simply hidden.
  5. Merge the duplicate parents (from Smith2) with the main parents (from Smith1) to avoid future confusion using the Remove Duplicate People utility.