This article explains why some converted Chart of Account numbers and descriptions may contain a suffix such as 01, A01 and so on.


Data exported from Procare version 9.1 to be imported into v10 includes your Chart of Accounts (COA) numbers and descriptions.  When you import, the import program will compare the COA number and description from version 9.1 to those in v10. If a duplicate is found, to avoid duplication the imported numbers and descriptions are changed.

Imported Accounts

To check for duplicated numbers and descriptions view the Data Import accounts in each of your Chart of Accounts categories. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Accounting Management > Chart of Accounts.
Look for a section in each category titled Data Import: XXXCategory, such as Assets, Libilities, etc. Click the small plus sign to view the imported accounts.

Accounts and descriptions that are duplicates will show as highlighted below:

Combine Accounts

If desired, you may combine these accounts with the standard v10 accounts using the Configuration Merge utility. To access the Configuration Merge utility you must be logged into Procare v10 as a System Supervisor user group user. Go to Supervisor Utilities > Configuration Merge.

Under Accounting Management click the plus sign next to Chart of Accounts then dbl-click a category, such as Bank Accounts.

Merge like accounts following the instructions in the Configuration Merge utility article.