Use the Copy Accounts utility to copy family information between locations. This is useful when moving children from one location to another, or if you are splitting a single large location into separate smaller ones. Many items are automatically included when you copy, some items must be selected to copy, and some that are specific to the original location (like Ledger Cards, Time Cards, etc.) are not copied.

Before you Begin

Make a Backup as a precaution, in the event you want to get things back to the way they were before accounts were copied.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Supervisor Utilities > Copy Accounts.


Using Copy Accounts

  1. Select All Accounts, Visible Accounts, or Hidden Accounts.
  2. Select the location to “Copy from” and which to copy “to”.  Once you have selected a school to copy from, you may choose the families you wish to copy.
    Hint: Place a check in the column header to select all accounts or click just to the right of the check box to sort according to which families are selected and which are not.
  3. Click Next.
  4. On the following screen, you may select any or all of the account/child related items you wish to bring over.  In the example below, we chose not to bring over the Child Enrollment Status (it might be different in the new school) and we wish to be certain someone enters that item at a later time.
  5. Type “Copy Now” in the text box (bottom right) when you are ready to proceed, then select Process.

Global Items, Billing Boxes and Exposure

Global items (such as Immunizations, Tracking, User Defined Fields) are copied to the new location, but those that have an Exposure Setting will not be available to other families (in the new location), unless that location is exposed to the item. For example, a child being copied may have had “Bus Run # 5” assigned to them under the original location, but the new location is not exposed to that tracking item. In that case, the copied child would still have “Bus Run # 5” displayed, but you would not be able to assign it to other children, until you expose that item to the new location.

Billing Boxes: If a Child Billing Box contains Charge/Credit Descriptions that are not exposed to the new location, those descriptions cannot be assigned to other children until you expose the descriptions to the new location.

Not Copied

Certain items are not copied to the new location including: Primary Classroom, Child Schedules, Billing Box items tied to a particular schedule, Account Ledger Cards, Child Time Cards, Meal Served, Tuition Express Information, Local Tracking, and Local Requirements.