You can move, hide, or change the order of child information as it appears on the main screen of Family Data & Accounting. This affects only you as a Procare User. In other words, if you change the layout it does not affect anyone else who may log into Procare.

Getting There

To access the layout customization screen dbl-click anywhere in the gray background area next to a child. It does not matter which family is displayed as layout changes affect all families.

Customize Layout of Child Information

With the Customization screen displayed you may add, change or remove rows or categories. Categories are headings like Person, Child and Additional information. Rows are pieces of information that are displayed within a category like the child’s Name, Date of Birth, Classroom, Tracking and so forth.

  • To create a new category select the “Category” tab then click New and enter a name for the category. Click and drag the category to the desired position on screen. It will take some practice to get thing positioned appropriately.
  • To add a row to the screen select the “Rows” tab then click and drag the row likeĀ  Gender, Email, Comments, etc. to the desired position. Note: You cannot create a custom row. Row choices are pre-defined.
  • To reposition an item (row or category) click and drag it up or down.
  • To remove an item (row or category) click and drag it off the child’s screen back to the Customization pane.

Reset the Layout

If you decide you’d like to start fresh with the default layout you may reset the layout. This affects only you as a Procare User. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > User > Reset Layouts.