Getting There

  1. At the Check In computer, dbl-click the Procare Check In shortcut on your desktop.
  2. Dbl-click in the gray border area around the logo (or press Esc on your keyboard) and then click Options.
    Getting to the Check-In Options screen
  3. Click the Hardware button (right side).
  4. Choose Network as the type of door controller and click Select.
  5. Arrive at the selection screen.


Assigning a Fixed IP Address

Select the Advanced button to set a static IP address for the selected device. Assign the address the IP address and choose Add to List.

Multiple Door Controllers

Select the Advanced button to change the name of the selected device. If you have more than one door controller, changing the name may be helpful to identify the location, such as “FRONT DR”, “BACK DR”, etc.

Multiple Routers

If the Door Controller is on a different network segment than the Check-In machine, manually type its IP address and choose Add to List. Or, choose Edit to display an on-screen keyboard (use a period to separate octets, like and then choose Add to List.