If each of your locations in Procare has a separate tax id number (TIN) you’ll need to move them to separate Regions in Procare (at least temporarily) in order to print separate W2s and the summary W3.

  1. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Locations & Users and dbl-click Regions & Schools.
  2. At the Regions and Schools screen click Add Region (lower left).
  3. Enter a new Region Name (such as the name of your second location or city in which it is located) and give it aRegion Code, like R2, then click Save > Exit to leave the Create New Region screen.
  4. Back at the Regions and Schools screen click the plus sign (+) next to the Region Code for your first region, like R1. This will expand the list so you can see the individual school locations within the region.
  5. Click once on the name of the location you wish to move, just to select it, and then click Edit (bottom of screen).
  6. At the Edit School Information screen, select the appropriate Region from the drop-down list and click Save > Exit.
  7. When Using to the W2 Software, click the Data Source button to select the Region you wish to process first. Make sure the name and tax ID number are correct under the Company Info button. Complete the W2s and W3 for that region. Repeat for other regions.
    btn-data-source.png btn-company-info.png
  8. Once you’re done with W2s, you’ll probably want to move each location back the original region, so they are all under one region again. Although you can choose to keep them in separate regions, you may have issues of needing to “expose” Procare Users, and various settings, like Charge/Credit Descriptions so they are available for use in the separate regions.