You may choose to edit, void, view, delete or reprint a vendor check that was previously posted.

Getting There

Look Up a Vendor and click the Check Calculation icon on the toolbar (pen writing on a check).

Edit, Void, Delete or Reprint a Check

  1. At the Check Calculation screen you’ll see the word “Current” (upper right) indicating you could work on a new, current check. Use the scroll bar (right side) to scroll up to previously posted checks.
    As you scroll, you’ll notice the box that originally said “Current” now shows the number of checks recorded for that vendor; for example, 7 of 10 means you are viewing the 7th check out of 10 total checks. Scroll up or down to the appropriate check.
  2. With the check displayed on screen you may change, void or delete the entry as long as it has not yet been reconciled. If Edit, Void, and Delete are grayed out it means that entry has been reconciled. If needed, you may unreconcile an item using the Edit Register feature.
    1. To change the entry click Edit (right side) and modify any portion of the check as needed, then click Save > Exit.
    2. To void the entry click Void Check (right side), then select a Void Date and Void Comment (optional). Once an entry has been voided there is no way to un-void it, although you could delete it.
    3. Or, remove the check using the Delete button.
      Note: Voiding a check is generally preferable to deleting it. With a void a record is kept of the transaction. Using Delete completely removes the entry as though it never happened.
    4. Choose Reprint Check (right side) if you need a copy of the information from the original check and stub. The check should be reprinted on plain white paper. The reprint option will not be available if the check has not yet been printed (indicated by a check number of “Not Printed”).
  3. Click Exit.