Yes. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides a tool called AccuWage used to check the formatting of your EFW2 export file before you submit it. The Procare Development Team uses this tool to test the format with sample data prior to releasing our W2 software; however, you may still wish to test your own output file before submitting it to the SSA.Note: Procare cannot assist in testing your EFW2 export file; however, in the unlikely event your file does not pass the AccuWage test please Contact Procare Support.

Download AccuWage

To download AccuWage you may visit the SSA AccuWage Web Page directly or get there from within the Procare W2 software as follows:

  1. With the Procare W2 software open go to Print W2s and W3.
  2. Choose Print Form W3.
  3. At the W3 Review and Print screen press Ctrl + Alt + A on your keyboard to reveal the AccuWage button. Click the button to go to the AccuWage Web Page.
    Note: AccuWage requires that you have Java installed on your computer.