Assign a Pay Code (like “Teacher”) along with a salary or hourly rate to each employee and determine the rate at which benefits (like vacation and sick time) will be paid. This is also the place to assign a pay raise by changing the person’s pay rate and position as needed.

Getting There

Look up an employee and click the Pay Rate icon (stack of dollars) on the toolbar or click the Employee menu (top left) and choose Pay Rate.

Pay Rate

  1. Set this person up as a salaried or hourly employee or both. You must use a different Pay Code for each type of pay.
    1. For salaried employees select a Salary Pay Code and enter the amount they receive Per Pay Period.
    2. For hourly employees select a Hourly Pay Code and enter their ST Rate (straight time) and OT Rate (overtime). Check the Benefit box next to the Pay Code used to pay out benefits. This is used to determine the amount per hour they are paid for benefit hours like vacation and sick time.
      Note 1: If they have just one Pay Code be sure to check the Benefit box. If they have multiple Pay Codes (like “Teacher” and “Assistant Teacher”) check the box next to the appropriate rate. In other words determine if they will be paid for vacation, sick, etc. at the “Teacher” rate or the “Assistant Teacher” rate.
      Note 2: To assign multiple rates to the same person just tap Enter until a new blank line appears.
      Note 3: It is usually not necessary to include a pay code for unpaid time off on this screen. For example if you track an “Unpaid Absence” that would typically be set up with a percentage of zero in your Benefit Codes. This means it would be paid at 0% of their hourly rate.
  2. Click Save > Exit.