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Learn to set up a schedule for each employee then you’ll be ready to factor in planned absences like vacation.

Getting There

  1. Look Up an Employee.
  2. Click the Schedule icon (monthly calendar) on the toolbar.

Assign Schedules to an Employee

  1. At the Employee Schedules screen click New. A blank New Schedule appears.
    1. Enter a Schedule Name such as summer, fall or anything you like.
    2. Enter Start and End dates for this schedule (top right).
    3. On the first (blank) line select the Pay Code, Work Area, Day and In / Out times.
    4. Tap Enter (on your keyboard) until a new blank line appears. Continue adding additional days or use Copy Day to repeat information from the prior day.
      Hint: Use the Spacebar to quickly enter time like 8 [spacebar] 30 [spacebar] A for 8:30 AM
  2. When finished click Save > Exit. You’ll return to the Employee Schedules screen.
    Hint: An employee may be assigned more than one Schedule each with its own Start and End dates.
  3. Click New to add additional schedules or dbl-click an existing schedule to make a change. When finished click Exit.

Review Schedule

Use the Review button to see or Print an Employee’s Schedule.

Month, Week, Day
An at-a-glance monthly overview always appears on the right. Scheduled days are shown in bold. Click a day to see details for that day. Click the number next to a week (like week 39) to see the week at-a-glance.
sched-review-calendar-month (1)

Color Coded Days
On the Day and Week views a “red” day indicates a Planned Absence (like vacation).