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Record days a staff member will be away and track benefit hours they have earned and used.

Getting There

Look up an Employee and click the Benefits icon (calendar with pencil) on the toolbar.

Planned Absences (Vacation)

Planned absences are things that are known in advance like an upcoming vacation or appointment that is set ahead of time.

  1. Enter any planned absences on the “Planned” tab. The absence will appear as a yellow line on the Employee Schedule if that person has been assigned a schedule.
    Note: A yellow line on the planned absences tab indicates that absence that falls within the current pay period.
    Group & Ungroup: Use the Group button to sort Benefit Hours by category like Vacation, Sick, Training, etc. Then click the plus sign (+) next to a category to see the detail of each entry within the category. Ungroup will sort all entries by date.
    Review & Print: Use Review to see the Employee Schedule or Print to print the information from the currently selected tab like “Planned” or “Earned”, etc.
  2. Click Save > Exit.

Earned Benefits

Track hours the employee has earned toward a benefit like vacation, sick, training, or personal time off (PTO).

  1. You may manually enter benefits earned on the “Earned” tab. The “Balances” tab will then include any new time earned.
    Hint: Use Batch Post Accrued Benefits to quickly process time earned for all employees at once. This is appropriate for time earned that will be taken in the future like vacation or sick time. For paid holidays use Batch Post Employee Time Card instead.
  2. Click Save > Exit.
    Note: If you have a “use it or lose it” policy toward benefit hours you may wish to Zero Out Hours at Year End.

Used Benefits

View hours the employee has used like vacation, sick, or training.  The “Used” tab displays used benefits from the Employee Time Card. All used items must be entered on the Time Card either individually or by using Batch Post Employee Time Card.


The “Balances” tab totals the number of hours earned and used for each benefit type and displays the remaining balance of hours available to the employee. The balance will also be printed on the stub of their paycheck if the Check Stub column is checked for that benefit on the Benefit Codes screen.

Note: Some items such as an Unpaid Absence may not have any hours earned. They will end up showing as “Used” hours with a negative number on the “Balances” tab. For example zero hours earned less 8 hours used equals a balance of -8 hours.

Print Benefit Hour Reports

You may print reports that include benefit hours for all employees or print a report for a particular staff member.