The Employee Work History screen is where you record each person’s current employment status and date, as well as any historical changes in status over time. For example, if they were employed, then gone for a while and came back again.

Getting There

Look Up an Employee and click the Work History icon on the toolbar (looks like a one-day calendar).

Work History, Hire Date, Employment Status

Each employee should be assigned a Hire Date and Employment Status.

  1. Select a Date and a Status like “Currently Employed” and click Save.
  2. Enter any additional dates and status levels you know at this time (clicking Save after each one) then click Exit.
    Note: An employee may be assigned more than one Employment Status, each with its own date. For example, they may have been hired, then were away on leave, and later returned. To create your own status levels see the article on Enrollment & Employment Status.

Length of Employment / Duration

At the main screen of Employee Data each person’s current >Work History Status (like “Currently Employed”) is displayed along with the date (hire date, etc.). Hold your mouse over the status to see the length of employment (time at that status). You may also run Employment Status reports that show length of time employed. See: Employee Data Reports