This article describes the overall financial reports available with the Expenses & Ledger module.

Before You Begin

Be sure to define the date range choices you want available on Expense & Ledger reports. See General Ledger Dates.

Center Specific and Regional Reports

Some reports, like an Income Statement, may be run for an individual location. Others, like the Balance Sheet and Trial Balance must be “in balance” for the region as a whole.

Debits & Credits Not in Balance?
If you are logged in as a Procare User, who has exposure to all schools in the region, you’ll see these reports as intended. If you are a more limited user, with exposure to only some locations, you’ll only see data for those locations. In some cases, this could cause the debit and credit columns of the report not to be in balance.

Using Reports

Reports for the Expenses & Ledger module work in a way similar to Family Data Reports. See Family Data Reports for the basics. Below is a brief description of each attendance report.

Some reports let you dbl-click an account number (like 5000.00 Office Supplies) to drill down for more detail. The Trial Balance allows you to drill down two levels. This is the best report to get specific details. First dbl-click the account number, then dbl-click the total where it says Total for S1 (your school abbreviation may be different than S1).

Expenses – Filtered Reports

Vendor Address and Contact Information
Shows vendor name address and phone numbers.

Vendor Check Summary
Summary of all checks written to each vendor for the specified dates. Dbl-click the Vendor Name to drill down for detail on voided checks.

Log Sheet Information
Summary of vendor log sheets. Includes original entry date and time, identifier of comment author, log type and comment.

Budget Summary

See: How to Create a Budget

School Budget
Displays budget amounts for all revenue and expense items for the specified Date Range.

School Budget (w/o 0.00)
Shows the budget without zeros. Items with 0.00 budgeted are hidden.

School Budget Summary
Shows actual and budgeted amounts, the budget remaining and the percentage of the budget that has been used.

School Budget Summary (w/o 0.00)
Shows actual and budgeted amounts without zeros. Items with 0.00 budgeted are hidden.

Regional Reports

Bank Account Register
Lists all checks issued from Payroll or the Expenses & Ledger module. An asterisk (*) indicates a check number that is out of sequence.

Balance Sheet
Includes assets, liabilities and equity accounts. Dbl-click an account number to drill down for more detail.

Income Statement (Profit and Loss)
Shows total revenue, expenses and your net income (profit or loss) for all schools in the region. Dbl-click an account number to get a break down per location.

Income Statement – Each School
Shows individual revenue, expenses and your net income (profit or loss) for each school on separate pages.

Trial Balance
Totals for all account types (assets, liabilities, equity, revenue and expenses). Dbl-click an account number once for totals per school. Dbl-click a second time on the Totals for S1 line to get detail on each transaction.

School Reports

School Income Statement
Shows revenue, expenses and your net income (profit or loss) for the school to which you are logged in only. Dbl-click an account number for detail (such as how much was from payroll, a journal entry, etc.).

Expenses & Ledger Journal Summary
Includes journal entries and items posted to vendors in the Expenses & Ledger module only.

General Journal Transaction Summary
Detail of journal entries made in the Expenses & Ledger module only.