How to export data from an existing installation of Procare v10 for the purpose of importing it to another instance of Procare v10. This would most often be used if you originally hosted data on your own computer / server and now want to use the Procare Cloud service. It might also be used if you originally had several independent locations with their own installed databases and now are moving to a single server to host all locations such as used for a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Does everything export?

No. Some settings are not exported. See: Settings that Don’t Export/Import

Before You Begin

Make sure you have the latest update installed. From the Procare Home screen click the Utilities menu (top left) and choose Check for Online Update.

Export Data from Procare

    1. From the Procare Home go to the Supervisor Utilities > Data Import/Export.Note: You must be logged in as a member of the System Supervisor User Group to access this utility. If you do not see the Supervisor Utilities menu that indicates you are not logged in at the proper level.
    2. At the Data Import/Export screen click Export.
    3. Click Select Folder and choose a location to which you’ll export your data. For example you may export to your desktop so it’s easy to find.
    4. Pick a School Location to export, then click Next.
    5. At the Data Export screen click Start Exporting Data. When the export is complete you’ll find a file on your desktop (or wherever you chose to export the data). The file is named for your location with a .v10 extension like “Little_Red_Schoolhouse_#1.v10”.Note: The sole purpose of the export file is to import to another installation of Procare v10. It may not be imported or opened in any third party application.

Next Steps