Export your Online Wait List (known as OWL) for use in another program, like Excel.

Before You Begin

You must be using the Procare Online Wait List service. Once parents register their children online, you may export the information for use in another program (described below) and/or Import the Enrollment to Procare.

What is Included in the Export File?

Child Information: name, DOB, age, gender, registration date
Parent Information: name, relationship to child, dob, gender, email, street address, city, state, zip, 2 phone numbers

Getting There

From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting go to Functions > Family Data > Procare Online Wait List / Pre-Registration.

Export Online Wait List

  1. Optional: Use the Questions Filter (left side) to mark the answer to one or more questions. This will display and export only the children for whom that answer was given. If you want to include everyone, do not select any items on the Questions Filter.
    Note: If multiple answers are selected, you may show children marked for all items (using the AND option) or children with any of the marked items (using the OR option).
  2. Click Export (lower right).
  3. Browse to or type the path AND file name to create, like C:\Users\MyName\Desktop\WaitList.csv. The file must include a valid extension, like .csv (comma separated values) or .txt (text) or any valid extension the program you intend to import the file to will accept.
  4. The browse button defaults to .csv, but you may choose .txt or another format. For use with Excel or other spreadsheet software, .csv is recommended.
  5. Click Export on the Waitlist Export File Path screen. YOU MUST TYPE A FILE NAME, like WaitList.csv in order for the export to work.
  6. Open the exported file in your third-party software, like Excel. The export file includes parent and child information.