Learn how to control exposure settings to make certain items available (or not available/hidden) for specific school locations.


The Expose button is used to control whether or not certain configuration elements (see below) may be used at all schools, just selected schools or not at all. This is useful when certain items only apply to specific locations. By controlling exposure, the lists of choices (such as Charge/Credit Descriptions) are shorter and easier to work with.

There are two options for exposure:

  • Expose to All Regions
  • Set Individual Exposure Settings

Expose to All Regions and Schools

Select a configuration element, for example a Tuition Charge description, and click directly on the Expose button to make it available to all locations to which you (as a Procare User) are exposed. This is the same as clicking the drop down arrow and selecting Expose to All Regions.

Note: Expose to All Regions exposes the item to the same regions and schools your sign-in User Group has rights to.

Setting Individual Exposure Settings

  1. Click the drop down arrow and choose Set Individual Exposure Settings to select individual Regions and Schools to which an item is exposed.
  2. At the Regions and Schools Exposure screen place a check next to the locations that should have access to an item, such as a Tuition Charge called “Tuition Infant”.
  3. Click Save > Exit.

Which Global Settings May Be Controlled by the Exposure Setting

In addition to exposure settings for Procare Users, the following exposure controlled options may be available.