Learn how to download federal and state withholdings for the very first time. This includes: federal income tax, Social Security, Medicare and state income tax (if any).

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System.
  2. Go to Accounting Management > Payroll > dbl-click Payroll Formulas.

Download Federal & State Tax Formulas

At the Payroll Formulas screen:

  1. Click Download & Update (bottom center).
  2. Choose a year for which you wish to Import Tax Tables, then click Continue.
    Note: The first download is included with your purchase and does not require a password. Additional years may be ordered at the Procare Online Store. You’ll receive a password once your purchase is complete.
  3. Confirm that you wish to install tax tables for the selected year.
    Both federal and state tax table formulas are now installed.

Can’t Download Tables?

In some cases you may get a message saying: Online File Not Available or Unable to Download. This can happen if you are not online, or if the tax tables for that year are not available on the Procare site. For example, tax tables for the new year are typically not available until early January.

Generally you’ll answer “No” to the message. Searching local drives is only useful in very specific circumstances. Contact Support if you need further assistance.