What changed about W4s for 2020?

The Federal Government redesigned the W4 (also known as Form W-4) that employees fill out in order to better determine the amount to withhold for income tax from each payroll check. Notable changes are enhancements for persons with multiple jobs and the elimination of withholding allowances. See: FAQs about the 2020 W4 from the IRS.

Can 2019 W4s still be used for 2020?

Yes. Per the IRS, employees are not required to fill out a new W4. Withholdings may be based on their most recent W4 from 2019 or prior.

Does Procare support the new W4s for 2020?

Yes. Starting in version 2020.1, Procare supports both the 2019 and 2020 formats. If you ordered tax tables for 2020, you’ll receive a link to download new formulas that support both formats. The link will appear in your Procare newsbar on or around Monday, Feb. 24, 2020. See: Download Mid-Year Tax Table Changes and Entering the new W4 withholdings.

Which W4 should I use for new employees?

You may use either the 2019 or 2020 W4s available from the IRS.

Will the amount withheld be correct?

The amount withheld on an individual paycheck is only an estimate. The actual amount for which that person is responsible is determined when they file their personal income tax returns the following year. If an employee wishes to withhold more, go to the Employee Withholdings Screen for that person in Procare, double-click Federal Income Tax, and use the “Additional Withholdings” box.