1. Log on to Procare as a System Supervisor. Requires a System Supervisor
  2. From the Procare Home screen to go Configuration > System > Locations & Users > Regions & Schools.
  3. At the Regions and Schools screen:
    1. To set the year for all schools in the region, dbl-click the Region Name.
      Double-click the Region
      Important! If an individual school has a different year set (different from the Region), changing it at the Region level will not change that school.
    2. To set the year for a single school within the region, click the small plus sign (+) to the left of the Region Code to display all schools in that region…
      Click the Plus Sign to Expand the Region
      …and then dbl-click the School Name.
      Double-click the School
  4. At the Options screen click Payroll (left side) and choose the Current Payroll Year (under Standard Options – right side).
    Procare Payroll: Set the Payroll Year

What’s Next?

You’ll also need to Update FUTA & SUTA rates for the New Year.