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A lock next to a payment on a Family Ledger Card indicates that payment is part of a closed Deposit Report.

To change a locked payment item:

  1. Re-open the Deposit Report which includes the item and remove it from the deposit. Then temporarily re-close the deposit minus the item you removed. You’ll need to adjust the amount of the deposit (under Deposit Accounts) near the bottom of the screen.
  2. Go to the Account Ledger and change or void the item as needed. If you voided the item then repost it correctly.
  3. Re-open the Deposit Report once again. Click the Show All button (lower left) so the corrected entry is available and add it to the report. Re-close the deposit with the correct total amount.
    See the full article on Correcting a Closed Deposit for more detail.
    Note: If the payment was made through Tuition Express no change may be made, however a Credit Card Refund may be issued.