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Procare reports, from either Standard Reports or Data Viewer, may be exported to a variety of formats.

The basic steps are to:

  1. Click the Export Report icon (second from left at top) for a Standard Report (Image 1 below), or the Export button (third from left at bottom) of the Data Viewer screen (Image 2 below).
    Image 1:

    Image 2:
  2.  Select the type of output file desired.
  • For a report, select the “save as type” for the file type desired.
  • For Data Viewer, click the down arrow to the right of “Export”, and select the file type desired.

Suggested Formats:

  • For Data Viewer screens: Choosing “Export as CSV” (comma separated values) will give you data with the least amount of formatting and is easily imported to Excel.
  • For Standard Reports: Selecting “Microsoft Excel…Data Only” will give you similar formatting to CSV.