It’s easy to mark an employee as “hidden” or change them to be visible again. Although you may hide an employee for any reason most often it is because they are no longer employed.
To mark an employee as “hidden” (or to un-hide them):

  1. Look Up the Employee and:
    1. Click the Information & Relationships icon on the toolbar (3 people standing together)
    2. Or, dbl-click their name on the list of employees (left side of screen).
      Note: If you can’t look up the family because they are already hidden use the Select Filter to view “All Employees” first.
  2. At the Information & Relationships screen you’ll see a check box labeled “Hide Employee” (top right).
    1. To hide the employee check the box and the lightbulb next to it will now be grayed out.
    2. To un-hide the account remove the check mark and the light bulb will turn back on.