1. You must log on to Procare as a System Supervisor.
  2. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System >  Locations & Users.
  3. Dbl-click.Regions & Schools.
  4.  Click on your Region to select it then click the Set Options button.
  5. Choose the Employee Data section (left side) and scroll down to the Pay Period Information section.
  6. Select the Pay Period Type like “Every Week”, “Every 2 Weeks”, “Twice A Month”, etc.
    Note: Choose “Custom” if your pay periods do not fit a standard pattern. See article: Custom Pay Periods.
  7. Select a Start Date 1 and click Save. This is the date your first pay period began. If you pay weekly the start date is typically the first Monday of the year.
    1. Use the Show Pay Periods button (bottom of screen) to see how the pay periods cascade through the current year.
    2. If needed change the Start Date (click Save) and use Show Pay Periods again until they are appropriate for your situation.
  8. If you pay twice a month select a Start Date 2 and click Save (otherwise ignore this setting). This is the date your second pay period began.
    Example: If your first pay period ran from the 1st to the 15th your second pay period would start on the 16th.