You may compare the amount withheld in Procare to the IRS Publication 15 – Circular E.

  1. Confirm you have current tax tables installed at the Payroll Formulas screen and the right number of pay periods (weekly, every 2 weeks, etc.) at the Region Options screen.
  2. Verify the proper withholdings are assigned to each person on the Employee Withholdings screen, including any Variables like filing status (single, married), allowance claimed, and any additional amount to withhold.
  3. Do a sample Paycheck Calculation and write down the amount of Gross Pay and withholdings for Federal Income Tax.
  4. Compare the amount calculated in Procare to IRS Publication 15 – Circular E. There may be slight differences, since computer calculations are based on an “annualized” amount, but they should be very close.

See the full article on how to Verify Taxes Withheld for more detail, including screen shots.