How FTE is Calculated

Full Time Equivalency (FTE) is a measure of the number of scheduled children. One full-time, 5 day a week child would have a FTE of 1.0 for the week. Two children, scheduled 5 half days each, would have FTE values of 0.5 separately, but together would be equivalent to one full-time child (combined value of 1.0). Need more detail? See:Understanding FTE.

Set Your FTE Parameters

You may set the number of hours equal to a full-time day (usually 8.0) and the maximum amount a child can count toward your weekly FTE in a single day (usually 0.20 – which is 20% of a 5-day week). FTE is set at the Region or School Options level.

FTE Reports

From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, go to Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Classroom Schedule. There are FTE reports by Classroom and by Department