This article describes how to check children or employees in using a check-in computer (or touch monitor).

Before you check in a child

In order to check a CHILD in:

  1. The child care provider will:
    1. Issue a Temporary Registration Number to each pickup person (on the Information & Relationships screen).
    2. Confirm the child is Enrolled (as of today) and has a Primary Classroom (on the Information & Relationships screen).
  2. The PICKUP PERSON must Register to Check In.

How to check in a child

Before an employee checks in

In order to check an EMPLOYEE in:

  1. The employer will:
    1. Issue a Temporary Registration Number to each staff person.
    2. Confirm the staff person is employed as of today (see Employment Status) and has a Primary Work Area and School location (on the Information & Relationships screen).
    3. Assign a Schedule if using the Option to “Restrict Check In / Out to Schedule”.
  2. The STAFF PERSON must Register to Check In.

How an employee checks in

How an employee checks both their child and themselves in

At the check-in screen select Start

  1. Enter the identification requested. Depending on which Option your provider (or employer) has selected, one of the following must be used.
    1. The Personal ID Number (PIN) and password you chose when you first registered.
    2. The Fingerprint used to register (and the password you used, if required).
    3. The Magnetic Swipe Card used to register (and the password you used, if required).
  2. If you are eligible to check-in BOTH children you are authorized to and yourself as an employee, select the desired option from this screen (when you have completed the first option chosen, you will return to this screen to perform the other option, if desired):

  3. Select the children (or Employee) to check in / out so the button says they “will be checked in” (or out). View any items that may be available like Accounting, Schedules, or Balances.


    1. Employees will also confirm/select the Work Area and Pay Code to use for check in.
    2. Messages are displayed before the check-in process can be finished. Learn how to Send Messages.
    3. If you’re using the option to “Automatically check children in” then you would select any children you did not want to check in or out.
  4. Choose Submit (image above – bottom right). A confirmation screen will be displayed and the check in / out time will now appear on the Child’s Time Card or Employee Time Card.
  5. When done checking yourself and the children in, click cancel (image above – top right) to save the times and exit the screen.