Before You Begin

You must have the Procare Expense & Ledger module. If you’re not using it, then make a similar type of entry in your third-party expense tracking system. Ask your accountant for details.

Decide if you want to record the charges through a Vendor Payment, or a Journal Entry. Vendor Payment gives you an easier way to view the payment history of that expense.

Option 1: Vendor Payment

  1. Create a Vendor for Tuition Express.
  2. Use Standard Accounts for convenience, if you like.
  3. Create a check as in the sample below. Since you are just recording the event, and not writing a check, enter the check number you normally use for an EFT or debit card withdrawal for that account.
  4. Select Post Check.

Option 2: Journal Entry

If you wish to make a Journal Entry instead of a Vendor Payment, you could create it under an existing General Journal Type, or make a new General Journal Type for the Tuition Express expense. The sample entry below reduces the bank balance, and increases the 5050.00 expense line.

  1. If you have multiple schools, select the school that incurred the expense.
  2. Select the bank account that had the fees withdrawn.
  3. Enter the amount withdrawn as a negative.
  4. Select the appropriate expense account.
  5. Enter the expense as a positive number.