The Import Statement feature is used during Bank Statement Reconciliation to import a statement in OFX, QFX or QIF formats. This can help you more quickly reconcile items on your bank statement to those recorded in Procare.

Before You Begin

You’ll need to download a copy of your bank statement in OFX, QFX or QIF format from your banking institution, or export a file from your third party financial software like Quicken®, Quickbooks® or MS Money®.

Import a Bank Statement

  1. Follow the standard steps to Reconcile Your Account.
  2. On the second screen of reconciliation, where you select the items that have cleared, click the Import Statement button (lower left).
  3. Browse to and select your OFX, QFX or QIF file then click Open.
  4. The import will attempt to match up items in the file with those waiting to be reconciled.
    1. Those items for which it finds a match are checked off as “cleared” automatically.
    2. If the import is not certain of a match a message will appear indicating the number of items for which a match could not be found. Click OK.
  5. Any items that could not be automatically matched will be displayed in a small Imported Transactions window that you’ll reconcile individually.
    1. Click on an item in the Imported Transactions window (image 1) to highlight any possible matches on the Reconcile Bank Accounts screen (image 2). You may need to click through the tabs in the Reconcile Bank Accounts screen, such as Deposits, Other Credits, Checks and Other Debits and scroll up/down to see a potential match (also image 2).
      Image 1 – Imported Transactions Window
      Image 2 – Item highlighted as a potential match
    2. If you find a match check the item off both on the Reconcile Bank Accounts screen (the main screen) and in the Imported Transactions window.
    3. If you cannot locate a match it may be that transaction was never entered in the Expenses and Ledger module. Click Save then Exit, so you may return to this reconciliation later. The import file will be closed automatically. Make any new entries as needed. Then return to the reconciliation screen and re-import your file to continue the process where you left off.
  6. Once all items appropriate items have been marked as “cleared” and the Difference is zero, you may click Reconcile to complete the process.