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How to install Procare on a computer used as a Check-In station for child or employee to check in. This could be a standard computer or a Procare Touch computer.

Before You Begin

Are you using the Procare Cloud service? If so skip ahead to the next section.

  1. Install Procare on your main computer choosing a “Full” or “Advanced” install. See: Basic Installation
  2. Install the latest online update at the main computer. From the Procare Home screen click Utilities > Check for Online Update.
  3. IMPORTANT! Make sure the computer you’ll use for checking in (the Check-In computer) is connected to your network so it has access to the main computer. You may need assistance from a local computer technician.

Install Procare on Check-In Computer

Install the Procare “Client” software on the Check-In computer.

This Computer will be used as a Check-In Station

During installation you’ll be asked if people will be checking in from this computer. Be sure to choose “Yes. This computer will be used as a Procare Check In station.” This will create the appropriate shortcut on your desktop.

What’s Next?

1. Choose settings for the Check-In Options screen.
2. Generate Temporary Registration Numbers for each parent or authorized pick up person.
3. Each person will then Register for Check-In at the Procare Touch computer.
4. Start Checking In.

Windows Power Options

Computers are often set for the hard disk, network card, etc. to turn off after a period of time. Procare strongly advises choosing high performance settings so the computer (and its components) do not go to sleep.
See: Power Options for Windows