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Procare will run on a Mac. Before installing Procare, the Mac must be set up to run Windows programs.

You’ll need:

  1. A Windows install CD or image (preferably Windows 10).
  2. A tool to let your Mac run Windows. We recommend Parallels. For other options, see: Will Procare run on my Mac?

The instructions below are for a Mac using Parallels Desktop 13.

Installing Windows

  1. Once you have installed Parallels, their installation assistant will prompt you to download and install Windows 10. These directions are based on you already having the Windows installation files. Click Skip.
    Parallels Installation Wizard: Download Windows 10
  2. You will then have the option of either transferring Windows from a PC, or installing from a DVD / file(ISO). Select the Install option and Parallels will search your Mac for the image.
    Parallels Installation Wizard: Install Windows
  3. Your system should automatically find the files. If it doesn’t, you select the Choose Manually button and browse to where you placed the Windows 10 DVD/Image file.
    Parallels Installation Wizard: Windows Found
  4. At this point you will be prompted to enter your Windows License Key.
    Parallels Installation Wizard: Windows License Key
  5. On the next screen, install using the Productivity option.
    Parallels Installation Wizard: How will Windows be used?
  6. Enter the path name for Parallels.
    Parallels Installation Wizard: Location for Windows Files


Next Steps

You are now ready to install Procare.