Is the Keyless Entry System UL listed and labeled?

Although the doorbell transformer included with Procare’s Keyless Entry System (KES) is UL listed and labeled, the KES as a whole is not. This is because the KES is a Class 2 circuit connected to the load side of a Class 2 transformer and therefore does not require UL approval. It is common practice for Class 2 circuit devices to have their power source UL listed and not the remainder of the device. For example, if you check the labeling on electrical devices that use a wall transformer (8-port mini-network switches, etc.), the transformer is UL listed, but the device is not.

What is a Class 2 circuit?

A Class 2 circuit is one that is supplied by a source with a rated output of not more than 30V and 100VA[NFPA 70/NEC 725.21(A)]. Class 2 circuits protect against electrical fires by limiting the power to 100VA for circuits that operate at 30V or less, and 0.5VA for circuits between 30V and 150V.

Is there protection against electric shock?

Yes. Protection against electric shock is achieved by limiting the current to 5mA or less for circuits between 30V and 150V [NFPA 70/NEC Chapter 9, Table 11]. Class 2 circuits that are connected to the load side of a Class 2 power source are considered safe. The internal voltages of the KES system are limited to 12V DC for a maximum of 12VA internally, while the relay contacts are rated for 5A.

Is the Keyless Entry System fire rated?

The KES plastic cases are from Polycase and have a UL Flame Retardant rating of 94V-0 and higher.