Instructions for Kiddie Academy owners converting to Procare from SchoolLeader.

See and Learn Procare
See and Learn Procare
Each recorded webinar (below) is broken into a series of short segments to help you learn Procare.

How to Migrate from School Leader to Procare

Before You Begin

If you haven’t already done so, please:

  1. Watch the Kiddie Academy Intro to Procare.
  2. Next, install Procare Cloud. It’s not necessary to log in. We’ll help you with that and configuring your settings during your first phone call.

Step 1: Prepare Your Data

  1. Prepare the data in your current program so it is ready for conversion. See: Premigration – How to Convert (.pdf).
  2. Before your first call it’s helpful to have watched the First Time User video series. Go to Part 2 – Getting Around Procare.

Step 2: Your 1st Scheduled Phone Call

  1. You are already scheduled for a time with your Procare Implementation Specialist. See your Welcome Email for the exact time.
  2. After your call, you’ll have some steps to complete in order to prepare for your next phone call. See: Prepare for Your Next Call (.pdf).

Step 3: Your 2nd Scheduled Phone Call

At this point, your data is live in Procare. Any new information entered into SchoolLeader will need to be manually entered into Procare.

  1. This second call is usually scheduled one day after your 1st call. See your Welcome Email for the exact time.
  2. After your call, you’ll have some steps to verify your data converted as expected and prepare you to run your business out of Procare. See: Validate Your Data (.pdf).

Step 4: Your 3rd Scheduled Phone Call

  1. This third call is a continuation of learning how to use Procare and is scheduled one day after your 2nd call. See your Welcome Email for the exact time.
  2. After your call, you’ll have some steps to complete your transition to Procare. See: Homework Following 3rd Call (.pdf).

Step 5: Your Live Webinar Training

  1. During your second call you’ll be scheduled to attend a Live Procare Webinar. This is essential for learning how to use Procare. If you are unable to attend, please contact your Implementation Specialist to reschedule.
    • This is your opportunity to learn the basics of Procare and ask questions.
    • As you think of questions after the webinar, please write them down so we can answer them in a follow-up call.
  2. Within a few days after the webinar, you’ll receive a follow-up call.

Step 6: Your Follow-up Phone Call

  • This is your opportunity to ask any remaining questions of your Implementation Specialist.
  • Future questions will be answered through the Procare Technical Support Team. See: After Your Successful Migration (.pdf).
Special Kiddie Academy Add-ons and Reports
  1. Add-ons: How to use special Kiddie Academy add-ons (known as “extras”) to connect with certain third-party systems.
    1. Special Kiddie Academy “Extras” (.pdf).
    2. Childcare CRM “Extra” (article/file download).
    3. Listen360 “Extra” (article/file download).
  2. Royalties: Learn to use the Royalties Report.
Manual & Reference Materials provided by Kiddie Academy
Note: These documents were created by Kiddie Academy to assist owners in their transition to Procare.

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