You’ll go to the Person Information screen for each person in Procare who will need a code to enter the building. This may include parents and other authorized pick up persons, as well as Procare Users and employees, and perhaps certain vendors such as those involved in maintenance, yard work or janitorial services. Later, you’ll also have the option to include Additional Codes for persons not entered in Procare.

Before You Begin

Before you can assign a Keyless Entry access code to a person you must:

  1. Install the Keyless Entry Software
  2. Enable the Keyless Entry

Assign Codes

  1. Getting to the Person Information screen varies depending on where that person is entered in Procare. For this example we’ll assume the person is set up as an authorized pick up for a child. Begin by Looking Up a Family.
  2. Select a child in the family then click the Information & Relationships icon to display pick up people for that child.
  3. Dbl-click the name of a pick up person to open their Person Information screen.
  4. On the Person Information screen the new KES Code box will appear on the right hand side just below Gender. Enter a code this person will use to enter the building. This could be the last four digits of their cell phone or Social Security number. It must be something unique to them.
    Note: Remember the number of digits you enter should correspond to the number selected when you first Enabled the Keyless Entry Software. It is not advisable to change the number of digits after you have begun entering codes.
  5. Click Save > Exit. Continue assigning codes to other related people in this family. Then move to the next family, etc. You’ll also assign codes to anyone else in Procare, like employees, etc. who need access to the building.

Next Steps

Now you are ready to Transmit Codes to the keypad (where you’ll also add Additional and Restricted codes, if needed).