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Beginning Balances are important. They get each family started with their correct balance so you’ll have complete accounting records for the year.

Getting There

Look Up the account and click the Ledger Card icon on the account toolbar (looks like a ledger sheet, next to the money bag).

Account Toolbar: Family Ledger Card

Beginning Balances & Year-to-Date Totals

Each account (family) begins with a balance of zero. Start by recording the beginning balances and the total charged and paid so far this year.

Note: If your data was converted from a previous version of Procare each family will already have up to date balances so there’s no need to manually enter beginning balances.

  1. Enter the beginning balance (if any) from the end of last year. If their balance at that time was zero (or they had not yet enrolled) skip this step.
    1. In the Description column choose Balance Forward from the list.
    2. Change the date to December 31st of the prior year (or the last day of your prior fiscal year, if different).
    3. Enter the amount owed as of that date. This will carry their balance into the new year.
      Note: If they had a credit enter it as a negative amount.

  2. Enter the total amount charged to this family so far in the current year. You may break it into multiple lines if this family has more than one child.
    1. Choose a Description for the first child like “Tuition Infants”.
    2. Change the date to a convenient starting point. If you began using Procare in October then make it the last day of September (see fiscal year note below).
    3. Enter the total amount charged for that service so far this year.
      Fiscal year note: If your year does not start in January, you may need to make two entries—one up through last December and a second from January until now. That way the calendar years are separated for reports, like family tax statements. Be sure to date the entries accordingly.
    4. Repeat for other children in the family.
  3. Enter the total amount paid by this family so far in the current year.
    1. Choose a payment Description like “Pmt by Check”.
    2. Change the date to match the previous step.
    3. Enter the total amount paid so far this year.
      Important! These year-to-date payments should be closed in their own separate Deposit Report.
  4. Click Post & Exit.