Select which Procare modules will be used for each of your locations as well as which will use a “Mini” or “Full” version of the software. This must be done by a person in the System Supervisor User Group.

Before You Begin

If you have more than one location, the location (school) names must be set up first within the Regions & Schools section of the System Configuration.

Getting There

  1. You must log into Procare as a member of the System Supervisor User Group.system-supervisor-shield
  2. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > License.

License Configuration

At the License Configuration screen, a list of your schools with the number of modules and seats available appears. Select the Type (Full or Mini Procare) and the modules to be used at each of your locations, then click Save > Exit.

Module Name
FD Family Data
FA Family Accounting
AG Agency Accounting
MT Meal Tracker
AT Attendance Tracker
ED Employee Data
PR Payroll
EL Expenses & Ledger

Note 1: Tuition Express is an on-going service rather than an actual software module. See Tuition Express Setup.

Note 2: A checkmark means that module is assigned to that location. A Lock means the module has been used (Families have been entered, etc.).

Update Module License

Use the Update button to update your Module License, for example if you add new modules, locations or seats. Click Update and then choose Update Online (or manually type in your Module License).
btn-update-license.jpg then btn-update-online.png

Register Your Software

The registration will automatically be triggered the very first time you log in and periodically in the future. See: Register Your Software