Use the Maintenance utility to remove old information that is no longer needed from all accounts at once such as old schedules, time cards, ledger card entries, meals served, etc.

Before You Begin

  • Print any Reports you may need (or save them in a format like .PDF) so you’ll have the information available later if needed.
  • If you have a local (non-Cloud) installation of Procare, be sure to make a Backup.

Important! Do not use the Maintenance utility to remove information to which you still need access. Once removed the information is gone.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen click the Supervisor Utilities menu and choose Maintenance. You must be a member of the System Supervisor User Group to see this option.system-supervisor-shield


Items That Can be Removed

Family Data Family Accounting Attendance Tracker Employee Data & Payroll
Expense & Ledger and Other
Account Tracking Accountant Ledger (Balance Forward) Check In/Out Signature Employee Documents  Meal Tracker
Account Log Notes Accountant Ledger (Remove All) Child Time Card  Employee Log Notes Vendor Checks
 Account Documents Employee Paychecks Vendor Documents
Child Documents Employee Schedule Vendor Log Notes
 Child Log Notes Employee Timecard Vendor Tracking
 Child Schedule Employee Tracking General Journal Entries
Child Tracking Event Log

Using the Maintenance Utility

  1. At the Maintenance screen select the item you wish to remove.
    Note: When removing ledger card entries there are two choices:

    1. Typically you would choose “Account Ledger (Balance Forward)”. If a family still owed money as of the specified date this would be automatically entered as a balance forward and any ledger entries posted after that date would be retained. See also: Why some Ledger Entries are Not Removed
    2. The option called “Account Ledger (Remove All)” completely deletes ALL LEDGER CARD ENTRIES regardless of date. This is only to be used if you wish to start over with accounting for all families.
  2. Choose an As of Date, like Dec. 31st of a prior year. All entries made on or before that date will be removed.
    Note: If you have set up multiple Locations, you may choose to purge All Schools (all locations) at once by placing a check in the appropriate box. Or, you may select Change School to remove information from a different location.
  3. Click Start. When the Wizard has finished click Exit.