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Yes. You may make changes or issue refunds as follows. Note: Refunds may be issued for credit card payments; however, payments made by ACH (withdrawn from checking or savings accounts) may not be refunded.

 Article Description
Change or Cancel Batch (Credit Card or ACH) You may change payments in a batch until 12:45 pm Pacific Time on the day the batch is scheduled to be processed. The batch may be canceled until 1:00 pm Pacific.
Choose Refund Amount Easy to do within Procare. Refund to any card used within last 60 days to make a payment online, through point of sale or as a recurring credit card payment. You must have the card to scan or manually input card information. Automatically posts as negative payment to family Ledger Card.
Refund POS Item Done through Refund full amount of a payment made through Point of Sale (POS). Actual credit card is not needed. Manually post as negative payment to family Ledger Card.