Statements may not be sorted by classroom, however you may use Account Tracking to do something similar.


Statements are financial reports tied to the account as a whole (the Primary Payer) not to individual children. Multiple children may be assigned to each account, each with a different Primary Classroom. Children may also be scheduled in multiple classrooms throughout the day, week, etc. This results in a complex situation where a single classroom cannot be associated with a financial statement for a family. For any one account, the same statement might appear under multiple classrooms because of the children/classrooms in that account.

Use Account Tracking

You could do something similar by assigning an Account Tracking item to each family to represent a classroom of your choice.

  1. Use Account Tracking to create a Tracking Group like “Classroom” with the names of each classroom as items within the group. Do not use Child Tracking.
  2. Assign One Tracking Item to each Account (not each child) to act as the”classroom” for the family as a whole.
  3. When printing reports, like the Standard Customer Statement , use the Select Filter to choose one account tracking item at a time, like “Preschool”. Print the statements all at once for everyone assigned that tracking item and set them aside as your “Preschool” statements, for example.
  4. Repeat step 3 for each classroom tracking item.