How to move Procare’s standard SQL Express Edition database to a new server, such as on a peer network or a network with a dedicated server. The old server may then be used as a Procare Client computer (optional) to run Procare itself, but not host the database or licensing server.

1. Retire Old Server 2. Install New Server

Retire old server

Who Should Do This?

Although moving Procare to a new server is relatively easy to do, you may need the help of a local computer technician to make sure the new computer is properly networked to your existing computers. Your network is beyond the scope of Procare Technical Support.

Before You Begin

Please make sure the server on which you intend to install Procare meets the System Requirements; for example, you cannot install on a domain controller.

Quick Overview

  1. Run the Utility below that will backup and retire the old Procare server.
  2. Install the new Procare server, and restore the backup.

Step 1: Backup and Retire Old Server

  1. Click the link below and choose “Run”.  If you’re using Firefox, choose “Save”, and then on your Downloads list dbl-click ProcareServerMigration.exe and choose “Run”.

    Download Server Migration Utility

Step 2: Install New Procare Server and Restore the Backup

  1. Connect and Install:
    1. Connect the new server to the network.
    2. Choose a Full Install of Procare on the new server following the Basic Installation Instructions.
      Note: It’s okay to install Procare first and then  connect the server to the network, if you prefer.
  2. In the rare case that this is a virtual server (if it is one, you will know), you may need to Edit the License Configuration File.
  3. Log on to Procare:
    1. Enter the Username “admin” and Password “admin” (you’ll be immediately prompted to choose a new password). This is a temporary way to log on, as you’ll see in a moment.
    2. You’ll need to choose security questions, but again these are only temporary so what you choose doesn’t matter—enter two separate answers of at least 3 characters each.
    3. Next, you will be prompted to register Procare; this registers the current computer as the new server for your center.
    4. The Setup Wizard appears next. Just close this window; there’s no need to complete the wizard.
  4. Restore your backup:
    1. Go to Utilities > Database Backup/Restore > Archive and Restore tab.
    2. Click Recover Backup and browse to the file you previously made on your USB thumb drive, or other external device. This adds the backup file to the list of choices from which you can restore.
    3. Select the backup from the Archive and Restore list, then click Restore.
  5. Log on as yourself with the Username and Password you have previously been using. The temporary “admin” log on (established earlier) will no longer be valid.

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