How to move Procare from your own SQL Server (using SQL Server Authentication) to another SQL server. This does NOT apply to Cloud customers, nor to persons using the SQL Express Edition database that comes with non-Cloud versions of Procare.

Who Should Do This?

This article is intended for IT professionals. Only persons familiar with SQL server and server management tools should perform these procedures. Your SQL server is beyond the scope of Procare Technical Support.

Before You Begin

Please make sure the server on which you intend to install Procare meets the System Requirements; for example, you cannot install on a domain controller.

Quick Overview

  1. Install Procare on New SQL Server
  2. Move Data from Old to New Server
  3. Point Licensing Service to New Data Location

1. Install Procare on New SQL Server

  1. On the computer that hosts your Procare Licensing Server, shut down the Windows service called Procare License service.
  2. Make sure you have Named Pipes enabled on the new SQL Server (destination server).
  3. On the new server, download and begin to install the non-Cloud version of Procare. During installation, be sure to select an Advanced install and click Next.
  4. At the Advanced Setup screen choose Use your Own Database Server and uncheck the box next to Licensing Service then click Next.
  5. At the Microsoft SQL Server Instances screen select your SQL server Instance Name from the drop down list. Choose SQL Authentication and enter your SA Username (or equivalent account) and Password then click Next.
  6. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the rest of the installation. You’ll need your unique Installation Key number.

2. Move Data from Old to New Server

There are two methods available using the SQL Management Tool.

  1. Backup and Restore
    • Backup the Procare database on the old server.
    • On the new server restore the backup choosing the option to “Overwrite the Original Database”.
  2. Detach/Attach the Database
    • Detach the Procare Database on the old server.
    • Copy the Procare MDF and LDF files to the new server.
    • Attach the copied database and ensure that it starts.

3. Point Licensing Service to New Data Location

After the database has been copied/restored to the new server you’ll need to configure the Procare License Service to point to the new location.

From the Procare License Server:

  1. Run the Procare SQLConfig tool (C:\Program Files\Procare\Server\SQLConfig.exe).
  2. Change the Database Server Name/Address to point to your “new serverinstance name”.
    • Example 1 – Use for a default instance (depending on your network configuration you may need to use IP address of your server).
    • Example 2 – Use tcp:sql1.mynetwork.comPROCARE for a named instance.
  3. Confirm the User ID and Password are correct then click Verify and OK.
  4. Click Save & Exit.
  5. Run the Procare.Repair tool (C:\Program Files\Procare\Server\Procare.Repair.exe) and click Repair.
  6. Once repair is complete start the Procare Licensing Service. Congratulations! You have completed the move to your new SQL server.