Let families choose schedules for their children—through the MyProcare.com parent portal—based on templates you define. This feature is available exclusively for Procare Cloud customers and for use by current families (those who are already in Procare).

Should You Let Families Choose Schedules?

Before turning on the scheduling feature, please consider the following:

Turn on Parent Scheduling (for current families)

When you enable the scheduling feature, parents will be able to set and change schedules for their children for the time period you choose (weekly or monthly). You’ll also specify a cutoff date; for example, you may wish to prevent parents from making a change within 5 days before the new month begins.

Haven’t used MyProcare yet?

If you haven’t yet used or turned on MyProcare itself, please see the MyProcare Overview.

Already using MyProcare?

If you’re already using MyProcare and just wish to turn the scheduling feature on, continue with the steps below.

  1. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, go to MyProcare > Setup Wizard. You must be logged on as a System Supervisor .
  2. On the left, under Current Families, choose Scheduling.
  3. Set Enable Scheduling to True.
  4. Parents choose from the templates you create and allow them to use. Please do not turn the scheduling feature on until you have established your templates; otherwise, families will have no options from which to choose.
    1. The Schedule Type will automatically be set to Template. Click Schedule Templates (right side).
      Turn On Family Selected Scheduling
    2. Choose Manage (lower left).
      Choose Manage Schedule Templates
    3. Check the MyProcare box to allow your existing parents to select any particular template. Save any changes and click Exit twice to return to the Current Families Scheduling screen.
  5. Choose a Schedule Period of Weekly or Monthly. (In other words, are parents allowed to set schedules in week-by-week or month-by-month?)
  6. Choose a Cut-off. This limits how close to the start of the new week or month a parent may change schedules; for example, 5 Days means a parent would be blocked from changing schedules within 5 days from the start of the next week or month (they would have to do it at least 6 days before the start of the coming period).
  7. Set a Limit. This is the number of weeks or month into the future that a parent is allowed to schedule. A setting of 1 Month means the parent could only set schedules for the coming month. Note: The option for Weeks or Months is determined by what you selected for the Schedule Period.
  8. Enter a Notification Email address if you want to receive an email alert each time a schedule is changed by a parent. You may enter more than one email separated by a semi-colon (;).
  9. To save your changes, click the Review button and then click Save.

Email Parents a Letter Introducing the Schedule Feature

You may download a template to use with Procare’s Letter Merge that will introduce families to the scheduling feature. See: MyProcare for Current Families.

Hint: For families that are already familiar with MyProcare and just need to know about scheduling, choose the letter called “Introducing Scheduling for MyProcare”.