Learn how to set up and use the re-registration feature of MyProcare to allow current families to re-register and pay for programs you define.

See also: Frequently Asked Questions.

Best Practices

For brand-new families:

  • We recommend using the New Family Registration feature (see: MyProcare Overview) to gather minimal information from families. When using the Question Manager, ask as few questions as possible—only what you need to know to choose whether to import/enroll them into Procare.
  • Once imported to Procare (again see: MyProcare Overview), families will be able to go through re-registration to answer a more complete set of questions you create and pay any registration fees (for centers using Tuition Express).

For current families:

  • Use this Re-registration feature to have families choose a program for their child, verify their information, answer questions you create, and pay any registration fees (for centers using Tuition Express).
  • If you just want them to update their information (in other words, the program doesn’t matter), you can create a generic program name like “Info Update” or “Verify Your Info”.

How to Set Up Re-registration

Run the Setup Wizard to turn MyProcare on and choose your settings
Turn On Re-registration

Turn on Re-registration

Begin by turning on MyProcare for current families (if you haven’t already done so) and then turning on the Re-registration feature.

  1. Log into Procare as a System Supervisor. 
  2. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, go to MyProcare > Setup Wizard.
    MyProcare Setup Wizard Menu
  3. Select Current Families (left side) and confirm that it is turned on (set to True). If you are turning it on for the first time, please see the MyProcare Overview for more information before you continue with re-registration.
  4. Select Re-registration Settings (left side).
    1. Set “Enable Re-Registration” to True.
    2. Select the level of automation you want when importing children who are re-registering. There are three levels:
      • Use Import Screen – Recommended. You review and choose which re-registrations to accept.
        Re-registration Import Options
      • Mostly Automatic – All re-registrations are accepted into Procare automatically, except for possible duplicates of newly added relationships/emergency contacts.
      • Fully Automatic – No interaction at all. All re-registrations are accepted into Procare automatically (duplicates are ignored).
  5. Click Review and then Save.
    MyProcare Setup Wizard - Review Button and MyProcare Setup Wizard - Save Settings
Set Up Questions to Ask Families

Question Manager

If you want parents to answer questions or confirm answers they may have previously given, use the Question Manager to create a new set of questions or make changes to an existing set. Skip this step if you have an existing set of questions you plan to use as is, or if you do not want to ask questions during re-registration.

  1. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, go to MyProcare > Question Manager.
    MyProcare Question Manager Menu
  2. The Question Manager screen will contain question sets for a New Account and New Child. These are used for new families registering for the very first time. In most cases you’ll want separate questions for current families who are re-registering.
    1. Click the small down arrow on the Add button (image below) and choose to add Re-Reg Account questions (for the family as a whole) or Re-Reg Child questions (answered separately for each child).
      Hint: You can have both account and child questions, but they are created separately.
      Add Re-registration Questions for the Account or Child
    2. Optional: Give the new set of questions a Nickname, like “Fall Re-registration” to more easily identify it later, when setting up programs.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Click Edit to manage the questions.
      Edit Button
      Hint: Questions are created from Global Tracking Items and/or User Defined Fields. The Tool Tip Text is what the parent will see. If the Tool Tip is blank, then they will see the Group Name.
      Use the Tool Tip Text for Questions Parents Will See
Define Programs for Parents to Choose

Program Manager

Use the Program Manager to create programs and sessions from which parents will choose to re-register their children. You’ll set the details of each program, such as the days it is offered, the age groups it is available to, and so forth.

  1. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, go to MyProcare > Program Manager.
    MyProcare Program Manager
  2. To set options for a program:
    1. Click New to create a new program or use an existing one as a starting point (click once to select a program and then click Copy).
      Create a New Program or Copy an Existing One
    2. To make changes to an existing program, double-click the program Name.
  3. Add Program Details at the Re-Registration Program screen:
    1. Enter a Program Name and Program Description.
    2. Select the Days of the Week this program is offered, along with a Start Time and End Time. If the times vary, just enter midnight to midnight.
    3. Choose whether the program is Open to All or limited to certain age groups. Note: Age groups are for informational purposes for the parent, they are not prevented from registering the child based on age.
      MyProcare: Setting up a Preschool Program
    4. Recommended: Enter an email address to receive notifications when people re-register. This should be the email address of the center or the director, etc. If you prefer not to receive a notification, leave it blank.
      Hint: You may have notifications sent to more than one address, just use a semi-colon (;) to separate them.
    5. Optional: Choose a Charge Description, like “Registration”, if there is a charge for re-registration. See: Charge, Credit & Payment Descriptions for how to add a new description.
    6. Optional: Select an Account Questionnaire if you want parents to answer account-level questions about the family as a whole. These questions need to be set up ahead of time using the Question Manager.
    7. Optional: Select a Child Questionnaire if you want parents to answer child-specific questions for each child they re-register. These questions need to be set up ahead of time using the Question Manager.
      MyProcare: Setting Up Re-registration
    8. Do you want parents to verify their phone and address? There are 3 choices:
      1. No (the parent will not see the phone or address).
      2. View (they will see it, but can’t change it).
      3. Edit (the parent can make changes).
        Note: Parents will be able to add new emergency contact and pickup people (and remove old ones) regardless of your answer here.
    9. Do you want a Signature Line on the confirmation email sent to the parent? (So the parent could print the email and sign it.)
    10. Do you want children automatically enrolled?
      1. No (an enrollment date will not be added when the child is approved).
      2. Yes (an Enrollment Start Date will automatically be added – see step 4d below – if they are not already enrolled).
  4. Create Sessions for the program. There must be at least one session.
    MyProcare: Create Sessions for each Program

    1. Add a Title for the session.
    2. Select a Fee Type of No Fee, Per Child, or Per Family and enter the Registration Fee amount.
      Note 1: There must be a Charge Description set above (under Program Details) in order to charge a fee.
      Note 2: Fees will be grayed out (disabled) if this location is not set up for Tuition Express.
      MyProcare: Re-registration Fees are Disabled without Tuition Express
    3. Choose Start and End Dates for registration (for this session), as well as dates for the session itself.
    4. Optional: If you chose “Yes” to automatically enroll (step 3j above), you may also choose an Enrollment Start Date. This will be used as the child’s enrollment date, if they are not already enrolled.
      MyProcare: Enrollment Start Date for Session
    5. Click Save.
    6. Optional: Click Add Session and repeat these steps for additional sessions.
    7. Optional: Click Copy to create a new program based on this one.

Using Re-registration

How Parents Re-register Children

Set Yourself Up as a Parent

We recommend you set up a family for yourself with you as a parent (payer). Include your personal email address and add at least one child. That way you’ll be able to use MyProcare and see how re-registration works from a parent’s point of view.

How Parents Re-register Children

Parents log into their MyProcare account to re-register and choose programs for their children.

  1. As a parent, go to MyProcare.com and log in using the email address on file with the center.
  2. Once you’ve logged in:
    1. If registrations are available, you’ll see an alert. Choose View.
      MyProcare: View Re-registration
    2. Choose Begin Re-registration.
      MyProcare: Begin Re-registration
    3. Choose the first child you want to register and select Next.
      Select a Child to Register
    4. Select one or more programs for the child by choosing Register, then Next.
      MyProcare: Register for a Program
    5. Confirm the emergency contacts and authorized pickup people for the child and add any new ones by choosing Add relationship or use the red X to remove one.
      Add an Emergency Contact to the Child
    6. Scroll to answer any child-specific questions and choose Next. the parent will see the existing answers (if any) and may make changes as needed.
      Registration Questions for Child
    7. If there is more than one child in the family, the parent has the option to register another child at the same time.
      Register Another Child?
    8. At the Review screen, the parent may add or remove programs or select another child, then press Next.
      Review Child Registration Information
    9. If there are any account-level questions, those will appear next, then choose Account Info.
      Family / Account Questions
    10. The parent will have the option to make changes to their address or phone, if you chose that option when setting up the program choices.
      Verify Address and Phone
    11. If there is a fee for this program(s) choose Payment, enter the card information and select Register & Pay.
      MyProcare: Register & Pay
      Hint: If there is no fee, simply choose Submit.
    12. The parent will see a confirmation / thank you screen.
      Re-registration Confirmation
Review, Import and Manage Re-registrations

Review, Import and Manage Re-registrations

Once families have begun to re-register (see: How Parents Re-register a Child) you’ll be ready to review the information and decide whether to import it into Procare (whether to accept the child’s registration).

  1. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, go to MyProcare > Review & Import > Re-registrations.
    MyProcare: Review & Import Re-registrations
  2. A list of families who have re-registered their children are waiting to be reviewed and imported (if you chose “Use Import Screen” when you turned on re-registration).
    MyProcare: List of Families who have Re-registered
  3. There are several ways to get more details about the families:
    1. Click Expand to view the family-level of detail for all families at once.
      Expand all Families
    2. Use the plus sign (+) to expand a particular family and a second plus sign (+) to expand the child.
      Click the Plus Sign to Expand
    3. Click Details open the Registration Details screen for that family.
      View Registration Details for Family
  4. Optional: Use filters (left side) to view certain groups of families.
    1. Display only families who gave particular answers to questions.
      MyProcare: Filter Children to Import
    2. Use the Age in Months setting (and check Apply) to view only families with a child in that age range.
      MyProcare: Filter Children by Age
      Note: A grayed out child does not match your selection.
      Grayed Child does Not Match Your Selection
  5. Select the families (or children) with whom you wish to perform a task. You may select:
    1. All families at once
      Select All Families
    2. Individual families
    3. Children within a family, down to the program level.
      Select a Child
  6. Once selected, you may:
    1. Email the families
      Email Selected Families
    2. Delete the families from re-registration. They will still be in Procare, but you’ll lose most changes made during re-registration (except address and phone changes which occur as soon as the parent submits the re-registration).
      Delete Selected Families
      Note about deleting: If any programs had fees associated with them, those payments would have already been collected, so you’d want to refund them and adjust the family ledger cards.
    3. Import the families (this will update their information with changes made during re-registration).
      Import Families
      Note: Answers given to questions are updated in the appropriate tracking category or user defined field. Answers are also entered in the child or account log notes as a record of what happened at that time, so if the answers are changed in the future, you’ll be able to see what they were when they re-registered.
View Children who have Re-registered

View Children who have Re-registered

To view a list of children who have already re-registered (been imported):

  1. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, go to MyProcare > Review & Import > Re-registrations.
    MyProcare: Review & Import Re-registrations
  2. Click Log (bottom center of screen).
    Use the Log to view Re-registered Children
  3. At the Program Registrations screen, you may:
    1. View All or filter by date—click Refresh if you change this setting.
      View All Re-registered Children
    2. To view just a particular program or session, etc. click the tiny filter icon in the top of that heading, like Program, and choose the one you wish to view.
      MyProcare: Filter Re-registration by Program
    3. To sort by Session, Date, Fee, or Fee Type, click anywhere in that heading, like Date. Click a second time to reverse sort.
      Sort by Date

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will re-registering a child for a future program withdraw them from the current one?

A: No. If a child is already enrolled, their status will not change. However, if they are not enrolled as of the start date of the session—and you selected to have children automatically enrolled—then a new enrollment date will be added to their status based on the date you selected when setting up the session.

Q: May a parent add a new child to their account?

A: No, not at the present time. Parents should contact the center to have a new child added. Then, once added, the parent may use re-registration to select and pay for programs for that child.