Editor’s note: For Cloud customers, parents will register through MyProcare. Please see the MyProcare Overview. The article below is primarily intended for non-Cloud customers.

Let families pre-register for enrollment online then import the information to Procare. Annual fee applies.

The Online Wait List & Pre-Registration is an optional service allowing families to register for enrollment online. The information is entered by a parent or guardian through a link on your website. You may then import the information into Procare. An annual fee applies for each location using this service.

Step by Step

  1. Set up the overall Company Information for your child care business.
  2. Purchase a License for the locations that will use the Online Wait List.
  3. Set up the individual School Information for each location including any questions you’ll want parents to answer.
  4. Generate a Link to place on your website.
  5. The Parent Registers Online.
    You’ll receive an email notification when someone registers. The Email Address for alerts is set on the School Information screen.
  6. Import Enrollment Information to the Family Data module.