This article describes how you, the parent, will initially register at a check-in computer, and use it to check your child(ren) in or out.

You may watch the video below, or read the article. The content is the same.

Initial Parent Registration

  1. At the check-in computer select the Register button.
  2. Enter the Temporary Registration number the center gave you.
  3. Enter a 4-8 digit Personal ID Number (PIN) of your choosing.
  4. Enter a 4-8 digit Password of your choosing.

Note: The two numbers must be different than each other, and cannot be sequential (like 1234 or 4567) or repetitive (like 1111 or 2222).

Checking your children in or out

At the check-in screen select Start Here.

  1. Enter the Personal ID Number (PIN) you chose when you registered.
  2. Enter the Password you chose when you registered.
  3. Select the children to check in / out so the button says they “will be checked in” (or out). View any items that may be available like Accounting, Schedules, Immunizations or Messages.

    1. Messages MUST be viewed before the check-in process can be finished.
    2. If the center has used the option to “Automatically check children in” then you would select any children you did not want to check in or out.
  4. Choose Finish (image above – bottom right). A confirmation screen will be displayed and the check in / out process is completed.