If an employee was given an advance prior to when you began using Procare, and still owed some or all of the amount back to you, you may use the Advance Beginning Balance to record the amount yet to be repaid. Normally this should be done when you first begin using the Payroll module. If you have already entered the advance as part of a Year to Date Payroll entry then this article does not apply.

Getting There

  1. If an Employee Works at Two Locations (or more) all checks and advances must be tracked through their Primary location.
  2. Look up an Employee and click the Payroll Check Calculation icon (pen with check) on the toolbar.

Beginning Balance for a Payroll Advance

  1. At the Payroll Check Calculation screen go directly to the Advance tab (top center).
  2. Click the Beginning Balance button.
  3. Enter the outstanding amount still owed to you in the Advance Beginning Balance box.
    Note 1: Only use this box if an advance was given prior to using Procare and you wish to collect Repayment of the amount from the next regular paycheck issued to this person. Figures entered here are not recorded on any financial reports.
    Note 2: If you are using the Expenses & Ledger module be sure to include the Advance Beginning Balance amount also as a Beginning Balance for your Employee Advances asset account.
  4. Click Save > Exit.