If you were sent a link to this page, the tax tables for your state and/or federal tax tables have changed during the year. It’s important to download the latest payroll tax formulas to ensure you withhold the proper amount for the remainder of the year.

New W4s for 2020

Editor’s Note – The new tax formulas are compatible with the Federal Government’s redesigned W4 (also known as Form W-4) that employees fill out to determine the amount to withhold. See: Entering the new W4 withholdings.

Download New Tax Formulas

Procare has created a free tax formula download to handle changes enacted during the year. This is available to all Procare Payroll users with a current update subscription.

  1. Locate your unique password to install new tax tables shown on the Procare News tab (left side of the Procare Home screen). The password below is only an example.
  2. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System.
  3. Go to Accounting Management > Payroll > dbl-click Payroll Formulas.
  4. Click Download & Update at the Payroll Formulas screen (bottom center).
  5. Choose a year for which you wish to Import Tax Tables, then click Continue.
  6. Enter your unique Password and click Continue. The password shown below is just an example.
  7. Confirm that you wish to install tax tables for the selected year.

Your tax tables are now up-to-date.