The Person Search screen is used to add an existing person who is already in your database. This may be useful when adding a child, payer, authorized pickup, employee, Procare user, etc. Examples:

  • Add a child to more than one family account (divorced parents, etc.).
  • Add the same authorized pickup to more than one child.
  • Add the same doctor or dentist to more than one child.
  • Add a Procare User who is already an employee.
  • Add an employee who is already a Procare User.
  • Add a vendor who is already a payer, authorized pickup or employee.

Getting There

You may access the Person Search from a number places depending on whether the person you are adding is a child, payer (parent/guardian), Procare user, employee, or vendor. Common ways to get there are to add an existing child to another account (divorced parents) or add an existing person as a relationship to a child (authorized pickup, etc.).

For example to add an existing child to an account:

  1. Look Up the Account
  2. Click the Child menu (top left) and choose Add Child > Add Existing Child.

Person Search

  1. Type in something to search for such as the person’s last and/or first name, address or phone and click Find.
  2. If the appropriate person is displayed under Search Results click once to select their name, then click the Select button to add them (or just dbl-click their name). If you see the same name more than once and there should only be one person record by that name, you may need to Remove Duplicate People.
  3. If the person for whom you are searching is not found you may click the New Person button (lower right) and enter their Person Information from scratch.