The Tuition Express “Point of Sale” feature let’s you process individual credit card payments from anyone at any time. No prior family set up is required.

Before You Begin

  • Card Reader: Make sure the Credit Card Reader (card swipe device) is connected to your computer. A green light should be displayed indicating the card reader is ready.
  • Receipts: You’ll want to Turn Receipt Printing On to print a duplicate receipt with a merchant copy for you to keep (and the customer to sign) and a copy for the customer as well.

Process a Point of Sale (POS) Payment

Begin at the main screen of Family Data & Accounting:

  1. Be sure you are online.
  2. Look Up the family and click the Ledger Card icon on the account toolbar.
  3. Click the TE POS button.
  4. Click Swipe Card (top left) and run the card through the reader.
    Manual Entry: If needed you may manually enter credit card information. Yellow fields are required, white are optional. Enter as much information as possible for the best rate including the required CVV Number.
  5. After scanning a card, the Card Holder Information appears including the amount due.
    1. Edit the Amount if needed.
    2. The Payment Description for POS transactions will default to the value selected when you first Configured Tuition Express. You may make a one time change if needed.
    3. Click Process. The payment will automatically be recorded on the Ledger Card with the Point of Sale Transaction Number.
      Note: If you have receipt printing set to “Confirm Printing of Receipt” you’ll get a message asking if you’d like a Receipt. Otherwise a receipt will print on it’s own.
      Hint: Have the card holder sign your copy of the receipt and give the other copy to them. Just cut the sheet in half as the two receipts print on the same page.