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Quick Ledger Posting is most often used to record payments, especially when you have a stack of checks to enter. However, it may also be used to record charges or credits when the amount varies from family to family.

Before You Begin

Use the Filter Accounts feature to start with a particular set of families selected (optional).

Getting There

At the main screen of Family Data & Accounting click Functions > Family Accounting > Quick Ledger Posting.

Quick Ledger Posting

  1. At the Quick Ledger Posting screen begin with the first family whose payment (or other transaction) you wish to record. Type their Account Key (the first few letters of their last name) in the Accounts box. If you have several families with similar names click the appropriate one on the list to select them.
  2. Choose a Post Date. This is the date the transaction will be recorded on the Account Ledger Card.
  3. Choose a Description like “Pmt by Check”.
  4. Enter a Comment (usually the check number).
  5. Confirm the Amount (type over it if needed) and click Post.
    Hint: If the Comment and/or Amount are the same for multiple families check the boxes for Maintain Comment or Maintain Amount.
  6. Type the Account Key of the next family and continue until all payments (or other transactions) have been posted.
    Hint: Quickly move through a stack of checks – Type the Account Key, tab to the Comment, tab to the Amount, tab to the Post button and tap Enter (on your keyboard).
  7. Click Exit.